Welcome to the Department of Islamic Studies, Manarat International University (MIU). The Department of Islamic Studies provides an excellent opportunity for students to study Islamic knowledge with modern facilities. It gives quality education and moral values to create educated and moral human beings who can work in national and international levels. We have highly qualified and skilled faculty members having foreign degrees and training.

MIU’s Vision and DIS’s Role

As a university, it commits itself to academic excellence and the pursuit of wisdom which stems from the spirit of free inquiry, religious values, and human experience. MIU pledges to foster quality education that will respond to ethical, cultural, social, professional, and religious needs of a dynamic society. It strives to preserve and enhance the scope of scholarly research, creativity and quest for truth as the basis of learning. MIU believes that it is only through the combination of the individual's inherited religious and cultural values with modern scientific and technological knowledge, that a real combination thus made, can contribute to the advancement of a society. Hence, the Department of Islamic Studies has a dream of integrating all those issues in its various activities. Based on the Qur’an and Sunnah, DIS integrates conventional and Islamic knowledge towards depicting the beauty of Islam and its teachings before the world. Therefore, people will be more interested in studying Islamic studies and applying the acquired lessons in their practical life. On the way to reach the peak, using modern science & technology, scholarly research, creativity, the quest for truth, and other academic, administrative & co-curricular activities will be the main ways.

MIU’s Mission and DIS’s Role

Manarat International University contends that in response to the resurgence of Islamic values, it has a historic role to play in the new chapter of the 21st century and that, its task is to bridge the gap between traditional ideas and values of Islam and the technological advancement of the West. Its mission is to establish a platform that will develop dynamic leadership in the society for our future progeny. Hence, the advancement of knowledge with cosmic blend of Islam is the raison d’etre of Manarat International University. The name Manarat is derived from its Arabic root word ‘Munawara’ which is a synonym of “Light at the Paramount”. Hence Manarat encompasses the spirit and strength of manifestation of its name; to achieve the highest academic excellence in providing higher education in Bangladesh. The mission of MIU is to emerge as a prestigious educational institution with emphasis on research of the Islamic world. It pledges not only to become a center of excellence but also an enviable seat of the quality learning. Hence, the DIS will play its role to ensure the mission of MIU at its best level. The DIS is committed to providing quality education and services through the guidelines of the Qur’an and Sunnah. It will assure maintainance of the international standard and quality towards promoting MIU as a center of academic and moral excellence that would be a model for others(InShaAllah).


  • The program aims to induce the students to attain specialized knowledge dealing with the fundamental sources of Islam namely the Qur’an and Sunnah.
  • International Standard Syllabus and Course Curriculum
  • The program provides specialized knowledge integrated with relevant other disciplines so that graduates become competent to accept the challenges of the present world and, thus, can depict the beauty of Islam to the world as well.
  • Through this program, the students achieve proficiency and methodological skills, and become capable of making the noble teachings relevant to any condition of human life.
  • It offers courses related to the classical and contemporary subject matters emphasizing unity among the races, gender equitability, religious harmony and moderation.


The program includes teaching of 41 course units for a total of 4100 marks, which will result in 124 credit hours. There will be 4000 marks for 40 taught course units and 100 marks for Dissertation/Fieldwork/Internship. Additionally, 4 non-Credit courses for Arabic Language are also offered in the regular program for Madrasah background students which will also be open for evening program’s students.




4 Years (12 Semesters) │ Regular and Evening Session
(For the Evening session program, academic activities will be held on Friday and Saturday)
Medium of Instruction is Arabi-English. However, Bangla is also used in the evening program.


Three(3) academic sessions administered each year are as follows:
Semester Duration
Spring January-April
Summer May-August
Fall September-December


  • At least GPA 2.5 at both SSC and HSC or equivalent level. If the students get a GPA 2.00 at SSC and HSC or equivalent level, he or she must have a total GPA of at least 6.00 in both the exams.
  • At least five subjects at O-Level and two subjects at A-Level with minimum ‘B’ grade in four subjects and ‘C’ grade in three subjects.
  • For weekend program, study gaps may not be a factor for getting admission.


Graduates of Islamic Studies have ample job opportunities in different government and private sectors at home and abroad. They also can join teaching professions, BCS, Banking Sectors, Corporate and Multinational Companies. Besides, they can get jobs in different embassies of Middle Eastern countries, and research organizations at home and abroad.


  • Integration of Conventional and Islamic Knowledge
  • International Standard Syllabus and Course Curriculum
  • Highly Qualified and Skilled Full-Time Faculty Members having Foreign Degree and Training
  • Special Arrangement for having Skill and Proficiency in Arabic, English and Bangla languages
  • Up to 100% Tuition Fee Waiver/Scholarship based on Results and Other Requirements
  • Well-equipped Separate Air Conditioned Class Rooms for Male and Female Students
  • Multimedia Projector in each and every Class Room
  • Well-equipped and Academically Rich Library (Fully Air Conditioned)
  • IT Based Modern Educational Facilities
  • Opportunities for Higher Study (Masters/PhD) at home and abroad at prestigious and
  • World Ranking Universities (USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Turkey, Egypt, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Malaysia, China, Australia)
  • Opportunities for participation in International Conferences, Seminars, Symposiums, Youth Carnivals etc.
  • Study tours at Home and Abroad and Many More …
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